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Health Benefits for Green tea

Green tea has been relished by people in China and Japan for centuries; it has become more widely known and appreciated in the West over time. A lot of people know that Green tea can be very beneficial to health but few understand the exact reasons why.

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weight loss teaGreen tea contains powerful antioxidants that help to prevent cancers.Evidence suggested that enjoying Green tea regularly as part of your everyday diet can help reduce the risks of colon, pancreas, rectum, stomach and bladder cancer by up to an impressive 60%.

The main antioxidant that is found in Green tea; Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG as it is also referred to) has 100% more antioxidant power than vitamin C and up to 25% more effectual at protecting the cells from harmful influences. Additionally, not only does EGCG inhibit the growth of new cancer cells forming, it also helps to eradicate the existing cancer cells and leaving the healthy cells intact.

Green tea lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL) in our bodies and balances the level of good cholesterol (HDL). This explains why tea drinkers can eat a large amount of cholesterol and still have an equally balanced cholesterol count. It can help to stop blood clots from forming which would inevitably lead to thrombosis, this is of greater importance if you take into consideration that this is one of the main causes of heart attacks and strokes.

It reduces high blood pressure but suppressing angio-tension which causes the blood vessels to constrict which causes high blood pressure. Green tea effectively lowers blood sugar, (Polyphenols and polysaccharides being the main two antioxidants that are most effective at lowering blood sugar). It helps to prevent and alleviate symptoms of type-two diabetes.

Green tea protects the liver against harmful toxins, chemicals in cigarette smoke and alcohol to name examples.

KouteaIt is ideal for maintaining good oral health as it suppresses the build up of plaque formation and destroys the bacteria that can cause bad breath.

Green tea helps to stop dehydration by helping your body to maintain a healthy balance of fluid; it also relieves stress and fatigue which is often caused by dehydration. It also helps to stimulate the metabolism, give the calorie burning a boost and is commonly used as a key element in a healthy diet.

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  • Which “so called” health foods are actually making your body store tons of fat ?

Black tea comes from the same plant as green tea but it will not give you the exact same benefits as during fermentation, a lot of its medical benefits are lost.

That said, tea in any form is still beneficial to health just that some are more so than others. The best way to preserve the nutrition of tea is to drink it freshly brewed, without sugar or milk and to let the tea brew about 4-5 before consuming it.

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Fact: Drinking teas made from the Camellia Sinensis plant really does act to suppress appetite and speed up your metabolism to burn-off those annoying calories – even while you’re just sitting watching T.V.!

Your body Will Not Store Fat anymore! You don’t have to worry about what you are eating!

Proof: Study carried out by Physiologist W. Rumpler of the U.S. Department of Agriculture, at the weight loss teaBeltsville Human Nutrition Research Center, Maryland.

This was a three-day study on two groups of adults who ate their normal diet and:

  • one group drank 4 cups of Oolong tea per day
  • one group drank 4 cups of plain water per day

Individual daily energy expenditure was checked and at the end of the trial Mr. Rumpler announced some very convincing results.

Fat-burning results for Oolong tea

Green tea’s catechins turn up the fat burning effect in your body – making it easy for you to lose weight for good.

The Oolong Tea Drinking group (without added sugar or milk) had:

  • A 3% higher energy expenditure
  • Burned off 67 more calories per day than before they started drinking Oolong tea
  • An incredible 12% higher rate of fat oxidation

The plain water drinkers showed no change in their rate of calorie burning.

What does that mean to someone who is sick of dieting?

It means that if you drink at least 4 cups of Oolong tea every day for a month, you would burn-off an average of 2,010 extra calories, without dieting, and have a reduced appetite helping you to avoid overeating.

Too slow?  Synergise it!

If you combine Oolong tea with Green tea, which also has thermogenic properties, to form a scientifically recognized synergy, the potency of the unique, weight reducing component – catechin – is increased by 5 times!

Add in Pu-erh tea for even faster weight loss

Fact:  Pu-erh tea is also thermogenic – plus it helps the body get rid of excess fluids and keeps the stomach feeling fuller for longer.

Proof:  A French obesity research study by Dr. Tran Dai-Sy, at the ARMA Medical Research Association, tested the weight-loss effects on 350 people in a 60 day trial.

The subjects ate their regular diet and just added one cup of Pu-erh tea per day.  This produced these staggering results:

  • 299 people out of 350 lost 5lbs – 10lbs

Imagine how much more weight could be lost by drinking, say, 4 cups per day and not feeling hungry all the time.

If you combine Green, Oolong and Pu-erh in a synergetic blend you boost the overall, weight-loss properties by 7 ½ times!

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White tea restricts growth of new fat-cells

kou teaAnd there’s even more good news, because the fourth member of the Camellia Sinensis tea family also has a ‘super-power.

Fact: White tea breaks down stubborn excess fat and restricts the formation of new fat-cells!

Proof: In 2009, White tea was tested by a German health food company which found that this tea will burn-off existing fat and help stop your body gaining fat in the future.


Nature, combined with scientific research, is offering a safe, speedy and extremely potent weight loss solution to anyone and everyone who is sick of dieting!

The full Synergetic Effect of blending these four teas increases their obesity-busting potency by a staggering 10 times!

And that’s how to eat as much as you want and drop that weight now.

Kou tea is a special blend of the finest Green, White, Pu-erh and Oolong tea with a delightfully aromatic fragrance and a fresh taste enhanced by lingering notes of honey.

(For more information about synergy see: Green tea and thermogenesis: interactions between catechin-polyphenols, caffeine and sympathetic activity

Such a synergistic interaction between catechin-polyphenols . . . to augment and prolong sympathetic stimulation of thermogenesis could be of value in assisting the management of obesity. International Journal of Obesity (2000) 24, 252-258)

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