Ultimate Weight Loss and Lean Body Nutrition Shopping List


Have you ever wondered what you should be eating to achieve a lean, strong and healthy body? Which foods help to best burn fat?  Which foods provide the most nutrition?  Which foods lead to improved health and happiness?

Well this article aims to clear up those questions for you.  

What’s the Best Fat-Busting Exercise?

Once you’ve addressed your diet, exercise can truly begin to work its magic on your physique, and help boost fat loss even further. The trick to achieve flat abs is to incorporate the correct types of exercises. High-intensity interval exercises are at the core of my Peak Fitness routine.

What to Eat After Your Workouts?

high quality source of protein food

After a cardiovascular workout (fat loss day), wait 30-45 minutes, and then consume a high quality source of protein (whole food) and vegetable-type carbohydrate. An example would be a spinach salad and some chicken. The reason why you’ll want to wait a bit after the session to eat is to ride the fat burning wave of your cardio session.

1 Reason For Slow Female Fat Loss,and 5 Tips To Fix It


You may have heard (or realized first hand!), that it’s more difficult for women to lose fat than men.

Differences in male and female hormones are certainly involved – both in the fat loss process as well as in the patterns of fat storage on the body.

Having a Fit and Lean Body, What it does mean to You?


a Fit and Lean Body Doesn’t Just Reward You Physically…

Once You’ve Transformed Your BODY, what happens to you on a mental, emotional, social and even spiritual level is even MORE Exciting!



Which Would You Prefer… A Skinny, Half-Anorexic “Waif Model” Body … Or The Lean, Hard, Firm Body Of A Top Fitness Model?

By Tom Venuto, Author of,
Burn the Fat,

The Best cardio exercises for weight loss

Cardio is the most common form of weight loss exercise. It is effective, increases heart rate and metabolism too which are key elements for weight loss.

Try out these different cardio exercises along with your weight loss programme to add that zing to your workout routine.

Advanced door anchor for both home and on the go full body training.

Ripcords Resistance Band. Workout Anytime, Anywhere

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